Being Hands Free with Babywearing

January 24, 2017

Being Hands Free with Babywearing

Photo by Hutch & Futch Photography

Newborns are used to the constant rocking of mamas body from being in the womb and because of this, most new babies prefer to be held. While this is absolutely amazing, it may be difficult getting anything done without the use of your hands. Babywearing is essential for keeping your hands free during parenting. While your baby is safely secured to your body, you have the freedom to go about any needed activities or tasks in your day. Here are a few benefits of baby wearing:



Laura Simeon, a parent and writer says "The more confidence parents have, the more they can relax and enjoy their children," She continues: "A large part of confidence is the ability to read baby’s cues successfully. When a baby is held close in a sling, a parent becomes finely attuned to baby’s gestures and facial expressions....Every time a baby is able to let his parent know when he is hungry, bored, or wet without having to cry, his trust in the parent is increased, his learning is enhanced, and a parent’s confidence is reinforced. This cycle of positive interaction enhances the mutual attachment between parent and child, and it makes life more enjoyable for everyone." Baby wearing helps babies feel calm and comforted which in turn, helps mama or pa stay calm and comforted. :)



Babywearing gives you the ability to breastfeed handsfree, on demand, and possibly more often. This may even help babies gain more weight because the shorter the time between feedings the higher the fat content in mama's milk.

When a baby is near his source of milk and comfort, he does not have to use much energy to get his mother’s attention; he can use this energy to grow instead. (Sears and Sears 2001)

The option to breastfeed while babywearing is also helpful for moms who are uncomfortable nursing in public. Because your baby is already so close, you can see the signs of needing to nurse early, adjust your child in your sling, and start nursing before anyone around you even notices. Babies also tend to be less distracted while being in a sling or carrier, which also makes things easier on mom. Lets face it, sometimes you need to get things done, and lying around nursing for hours at a time can make your to-do list even longer. 


Not just for babies!

Just because your baby is crawling or walking does not mean that they have outgrown babywearing. Our Ergobaby carriers can carry up to 33lbs and our ring slings can carry up to 35 lbs! Babywearing can help encourage toddlers to slow down every now and again! It is also helpful when your little one is worked up, a little overstimulated, or possibly before/after a meltdown.


It's just so convenient! 

For a quick trip running errands, it's just so much more convenient than juggling a car seat or setting up the stroller. It makes traveling light and easy! Babywearing is also very comforting, making being in a crowd much less stressful for mama and baby. It's also a great option for napping on the go. Some people even work while babywearing. My sister regularly kept her little Teagan in a ring-sling or Ergobaby while up at the shop. Teagan regularly napped while being carried and allowed Keely to help out at the shop while Teagan was still very young. Ok one final point! Caring for multiple children can be very difficult while holding a baby. Being handsfree because of babywearing can be very helpful while also caring for the needs of older siblings. 


Photo by Hutch & Futch Photography 

Ok, I'm sure I've convinced you by now.... Let's pick out a carrier that is good for you! 


Picking Out a Baby Carrier

Skin to Skin Newborn Carrier :: 

  • Perfect for newborns up to 18 lbs.
  • No buckles, hard edges, straps, buttons, or wrapping makes this very easy to use! 

Wrap ::

  • Wraps around your body for the perfect fit.
  • Designed for the first year up to 25 lbs.
  • Multiple Wrap techniques that are easy to learn and master!

Sling ::

  •  Really easy to throw on without any wrapping. (pictured above)
  • Creates a soft, pouch-like carrier for baby.
  • Fits newborn through 35 lbs with multiple carrying positions for different ages.
  • A little cooler during those hot summer months as there is less fabric wrapped all around you. (especially the linen options)


  • A structured way to keep baby close.
  • Easy to use, adjusts with buckles, straps, or snaps.
  • Can hold baby up to 4 different ways (Ergobaby 360)
  • Fits up to 33 lbs.

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