Wood Pacifier Clips

The Little Movement Shop

These beaded pacifier clips are perfect for your teething babies. These beads are great for chewing as they're made from natural wood beads. The wood clip has a plastic grip to prevent tears in baby's clothes. All clips come with a 3" maple wood ring to be used during teething. The wood ring is coated in natural & baby safe beeswax and coconut oil.

These clips work for pacifiers, teethers, toys, and any other baby item you'd like to keep close by and off the ground. Simply attach to you, a baby carrier, clothing, carseat, stroller, or high chair for a stress free and germ free day! 

* Every pacifier clip is carefully made, but do not leave baby unattended with these pacifier clips. Buyer resumes all responsibility. Be sure to pull on clip every so often to be sure it's secure. 

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