Sleepy Baby Lotion

Life Co.

Let’s be honest, a sleepless baby sucks! This blend of roman chamomile and lavender is perfect for baby. It smells deliciously sweet and is perfectly simple not to overwhelm, but rather calm and soothe a fussy, or over stimulated baby.

The sleepy baby lotion combines roman chamomile and lavender essential oils  in a sensitive sunflower, coconut, and apricot carrier to soothe baby physically and emotionally all the while gently moisturizing and nourishing babies skin.

Super concentrated with NO WATER ADDED, AT ALL…NOT A DROP

: organic coconut CO, organic sunflower CO, organic apricot CO, organic beeswax, vitamin E oil, organic rosemary antioxidant, organic lavender EO, organic roman chamomile EO 6oz


Also pictured as a set with Sleepy Baby Lotion, Sleepy Baby Bath Soak, and Sleepy Baby Oil Blend. This product listing is for one Sleepy Baby Lotion only.

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